We create growth.

We leverage deep capital markets experience and relationships to catalyze portfolio company growth.


Deep and established relationships across capital markets and industry.


We invest our capital and leverage our syndicate network to grow companies.


We leverage proprietary technologies to support the growth of our clients and portfolio companies.

Venture Capital
Publicly Traded

JLS Ventures has deep expertise advising and investing in growing companies in the healthcare and technology sectors. Our track record demonstrates that with the right strategy and expertise, public markets can be the optimal place for maximizing the equity value of growth stage companies.

15Years Experience
175*Employees & Growing
*portfolio company employees
12Current Portfolio Companies

What We Look For

Our goal is to find undiscovered venture stage companies that have a proven ability to create value. Proof can be early commercial traction in an attractive market, proof of technological advantage, strategic or academic partnerships, or strong human clinical data.


We look for humble, honest and driven management that do what it takes to get it done.


Within healthcare, we look for differentiated products supported by human data and/or IP.

Addressable Market

Life is way too short, and time way too precious to focus on things that can’t be massive.


The intersection of healthcare and technology is our sweet spot, and an area we love to invest in.